Course Details: PAL3OS
Healthy Living and Large Group Acti-SOCCER
St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School
This course emphasizes regular participation in soccer and the development of soccer skills, as well as fitness training. Student learning will include the application of movement principles to refine the skills. This will be achieved through sport specific fitness training and application of various sport strategies. The goal of the course is to enhance fitness and health as it relates specifically to soccer. The health component of the course will include an examinationof issues related to healthy sexaulity, healthy eating, substance use and abuse, and the use of informed decision making, conflict resolution and social skills in making personal choices. PAL 3OS is open to both boys and girls. The course may include instruction from experts in the community. Students may earn more than one physical education credit in each of the grade levels where the first 3 digits in the course code are different.

No prerequisites.